Who are we?

STEALTH Induction is a Danish appliance manufacturer with a vision to revolutionize the traditional kitchen industry. And the first step to fulfilling this vision has already been taken. We have successfully created the world’s first invisible induction cooktop which uses an unique STEALTH Zone protection plate.

This will change the perception of cooking zones forever.

The philosophy

We all knew that the winds of change would come to the kitchen industry. The kitchen as a room has been through a transformation the last decade. It has gone from being a workroom where only cooking has taken place, to a room where we live, eat and cook. The kitchen is now also a living room, a space where there must be room for creative play, gastronomic performances and everyday social life.

We wanted to make a contribution to a better and easier life for all of us who use our kitchens all day and for many different purposes.

STEALTH Induction - Light-up
STEALTH Induction - Light-up

The future

We cannot predict what kitchens will look like in the future. But every day we are working to improve and develop new solutions that can help make your life easier and give you more freedom.

Our vision for technology, innovation and sustainability influence us everyday and help us in our daily work, and functions as a benchmark for our development.

At the same time, we want to deliver the best customer service in the industry. Therefore, we maintain a focus on our current and future customers when we develop new products, features and services.

We will always work on new and exciting solutions, but we will never forget those who were pioneers, those who dared to help create a change – those who joined us in creating a small kitchen revolution.


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