From Idea to finished product


The pioneering development of a new product from STEALTH Induction is taking place in our design center in North Zealand.
This is where we design, develop and test the upcoming STEALTH Induction products using advanced 3D drawing programs, simulations, stress tests and more.


In our development and production, we use the latest 3D printer technology. Here we focus, among other things, on over consumption, and on the fact that the materials we use are as environment-friendly as possible. Therefore, we only use biodegradable plastics when we 3D print.

Rubber plantation

With experience from our very own natural rubber plantation a little outside of Kao Lak north of Phuket in Thailand, we have tested new processing methods to give the material new and improved properties.

  • 16,000 m² of forrest area
  • Natural rubber
  • Responsible production


In our production facilities we use our newly developed production process to create the special TLV silicone used in the STEALTH Zone mat.

Quality control

Throughout the entire process, from idea to finished product, our products are tested several times and eventually quality checked, so that they meet the quality requirements of both us and our customers.