STEALTH Charger in tabletop - Wireless charging - qi charger


Modern life requires a holistic integration between your surroundings and mobile devices. Integrated with the tabletop, the STEALTH Charger offers fast and efficient wireless charging of all Qi prepared mobile devices.
Don’t worry about running out of power during the day. You just place the device on the icon on the tabletop and it will automatically charge up your devices battery.

Unique Features

Fewer wires, more space

More space

STEALTH Charger eliminates visible charging wires. The QI charger provides a much cleaner surface in the kitchen.

QI Charging

Using the integrated QI charger, power will be transferred wireless to the device located on top of the charging icon.


STEALTH Charger is integrated into the tabletop, making it invisible from the surface. It is only the small icon of a battery that makes it visible.


  • Battery icon size, engraved in the worktop: 2 x 1 cm.
  • Charging distance: Max 7 mm
  • Charging power: Max 5V
  • Charge voltage: 500mAh – 1000mAh
  • Output: 5V + – 0.1V
  • Input: 4.3V – 5.5V / 1.5-2A

Temperature Protection:

  • Charging is stopped for 1 min. at temperatures above 53 ° C.

Overvoltage protection:

  • Charging is stopped if the current exceeds 1.8A.


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