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Never before has there been a solution like STEALTH Zone. The traditional cooking zone is transformed into a cooking zone that provides space for new experiences and creates freedom for creative play within the gastronomic universe. And best of all, when you finished using it, the STEALTH Zone protection plate can just be removed and stowed away.

Unique Features

StealthPlate 5 - lille

Never seen before

A new and innovative approach to how a cooktop collaborates with the tabletop – and creates unique possibilities.

STEALTH Induction is the first in the world to introduce a cooktop that uses a protective plate.

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StealthPlate 5 - lille


The unique STEALTH Zone provides freedom in the kitchen like never before.

STEALTH Zone is an essential part of the Phantom cooktop. It helps to create a distance and insulating effect between the cookware and the tabletop.

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Protective plate

Protects both the tabletop from heat and everyday wear.

The STEALTH Zone plate protects the tabletop from the heat  of the cookware during cooking as well as any scratches from the bottom of the cookware.

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Daily use

Designed to be used every day all year round, it is both easy and convenient.

The STEALTH Zone plate is placed on the tabletop where the cooktop is installed below. Hereafter, the display can be switched on and the cooking can start.

When the STEALTH Zone plate is cooled down after use, it can be placed in the mount which is installed on the end of a kitchen cabinet or on the inside of a cabinet door.

STEALTH Zone has a 2 mm. edge, which allows it hold up to 0.5 liters of liquid before it pours down on the tabletop.

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StealthPlate 3 - Lille


A design that never goes out of fashion and fits into any kitchen.

The STEALTH Induction is designed with functionality and usability in mind. 4 rings indicates where the cookware should be placed on the STEALTH Zone.

Beneath the STEALTH Zone plate the spikes provides powerful insulating effect and the design improves the insulating properties of the plate.

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Beautifully produced in exclusive black silicone rubber, with a easy-to-clean surface.

The STEALTH Zone plate contains a patented insulation material developed for the aerospace industry.

The design, the insulating material and the specially developed silicone rubber, provides the STEALTH Zone with its innovative and high efficient insulating properties.

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Space technology

STEALTH Induction brings space technology into your kitchen.

With our unique cooktop you not only get a high-tech induction cooktop into your home, but also materials that is used in missions to Mars and provides protection to humans in outer space.

STEALTH Zone contains materials specially designed to protect against the extreme temperatures which spaceships and astronauts are exposed to in outer space.


  • Surface: Silicone rubber
  • Available color: Black
  • Width: 790 mm
  • Depth: 540 mm
  • Height: 10 mm
  • Edge: 2 mm

Indication rings

  • 2 Rings – Dia. 18 cm.
  • 1 Ring   – Dia. 21 cm.
  • 1 Ring   – Dia. 26 cm.
  • Protects the tabletop from scratches and everyday wear.
  • Indication of cooktops.
  • Liquid-repellent surface.
  • Clean easily with warm water and mild soap.
  • Withstands temperatures up to 250 ° C.

Phantom can only be used if the STEALTH Zone plate is correctly placed on the tabletop. If the plate is removed during use, the cooking zone will detect this and stop all cooking zones.


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